Are you looking for putting your electrical engineering skills to test? Up for a networking of wires and a game to guide electricity? Can you beat beatee? Here is your chance. But be careful not to electrocute yourself.


How talented are you when it comes to Booleans and function generation? Toggle with inputs, build circuits and race to obtain the final output. Are you up for a daring truth presented before you? Then here is your chance to win the dare.


Crack the code and find the error that lies within. T’is simple but not easy. Who is up to surf the Trojan Wave?


Hey Robosapiens!!! The Arduino Arena comes forth here, make her your muse and make music. The competition tests you for your skills in robotics and problem solving. Are you up for a chal- lenge, then this is definitely your space.


There is nothing more fun than playing around and that is what we all love the most. And if you love mixing fun in everything, then Bridge IT is just the thing for you. Take out your artistic skills in building out what would be the best architectural boon. Let your creativity take wings!!!


Does Rube Goldberg inspire you? Ever fascinated with building chain reactions? The convention presents to you “Cataclysm”. Compete to design & build contraptions. And try to let it not end in a boom.


The information age has the world driven by data – humongous loads of ‘em. Each day the in- dustry of information technology thus becomes larger and larger. Can you keep up with them?


All aboard the Hogwarts Express. Here is your platform wizards!!! To the craziest potter heads, wave your wands to win exciting prizes & potions. Muggle entry prohibited.


Just a Minute! How much can you hold up in a minute? How much can you think up in a minute? Check out what you can do in a mere 60 seconds.


Máthletics, Play with the poetry of the logical mind, through the layers of the language of sci- ence. The study of mathematics like the Nile, begins with minuteness and ends in magnificence, and so the event aims to find the best mathematician among the delegates, capable of swim- ming in the sea of numbers.


What makes up one’s personality? Is it their attitude towards a situation or is it their behaviour in society? Is it the way they carry themselves or is it simply their individuality? Well, it’s always excit- ing to solve that mystery of who we are. And we bring to you just that. Buckle up and enjoy the ride of finding yourself.


How familiar are you with the voice? The voice of North, East, West and South. Are you equipped with the know-hows happening around the world? Well then, InQuizitive is just the game for you.